Tania Freimuth

I came to cinematography from art and photography, which I still practice, which brings a naturalistic style of lighting to my work. My creative process is collaborative, I value developing the visual narrative with the director and aim to work as I like to live; with compassion, passion, humour and style.
UK Representation

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Little Darlings || TV Drama || dir: Ian Wendell Aryeh || prod: Matt Tiller || Sky
Winner Best Cinematography Top Indie Film 2019
Winner Best Cinematography Royal Wolf Awards 2019
Winner Best Cinematography Top Shorts 2018
Birth of Venus || TV Drama || dir: Theresa Varga || prod: Emma Hill || BBC3
Nominated Best Cinematography North American Film 2018
Nominated Best Cinematography Underwire Film Festival 2018
Nominated Best Cinematography Monkey Bread Tree 2017
Gone || TV Drama || dir: Theresa Varga || prod: Emma Hill || BBC3
Award of Excellence for Cinematography Best Shorts 2017
Platinum Award for Cinematography LA Shorts 2017
Nominated Best Cinematography Ouchy Awards 2017
A Birthday Party || Short || dir: Victoria Adeola Thomas || prod: Deva Smith || BFI Network

Dream Big || Short || dir: Pip Swallow || prod: Georgina French || BFI Network

Tania Freimuth