Willow Bidwell

Willow is a London based Cinematographer. Originally from the south of England, she moved to London to complete her degree in Film. Initially working in the lighting department she learnt and improved her craft as a DP. Willow enjoys bringing stories and projects alive whilst always adding her own creative flare. Working on narratives, music videos and commercials, she uses both film and digital to create thought and emotion provoking cinema.

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Traje De Luces || Short || dir: Sergio Jaen || prod: Mia Tormova
Manic Pixie Dream Girl – Cate Canning || Music Promo || dir: Claryn Chong
Thinking – Ava Zarate || Music Promo || dir: Jacob Crowmains
Low Down – Venbee || Music Promo || dir: Claryn Chong

Willow Bidwell Showreel 2023