Suzanne Gough

Originally from North West England, Suzanne is a Director of Photography with 17 years experience in the industry. Suzanne learned her craft through the traditional route in London and has been working as a DOP for 7 years, with a further 4 years operating before then, across a wide range of genres. She is a full member of the GBCT, a Friend of the ACO and member of BAFTA Connect. Suzanne is represented by Nick and Liza at Linkline Diary Service.
UK Representation

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Guardians || Feature || dir: Mark AC Brown || prod: Frederic Fournier || Amazon Prime Video
Save the Cinema: Behind the Curtain || Feature Documentary || dir: Daniel Bougourd || prod: Daniel Bougourd || Sky Arts
Looking at the World in a new way: The making of Tenet || Feature Documentary || dir: Jason Hillhouse || prod: Jason Hillhouse || Warner Brothers
Hunting Bears || Short || dir: Jason Ruddy || prod: Conor Duffy || InsideTrak

Magnum Opus || Short || dir: Oisin Tymon || prod: Neil Edson || Ghost Machine Productions

Suzanne Gough Showreel 2021