Nelisa Alcalde

Nelisa is a Spanish cinematographer based in the UK. Nelisa believes in building a collaborative relationship with directors and set designers. ‘Preproduction is the key’ is one of her mottos. She is interested in capturing the viewer’s attention through mise-en-scene. Alcalde mastered the craft of cinematography at FAMU, Prague, shooting on16&35mm film. Her graduation film ‘Honey Bunny Duracell’ won the best student cinematography award from the Czech association of cinematographers, AČK.

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Isabel’s Independence || TV Documentary || dir: Nelisa Alcalde/Inma de Reyes || prod: Noé Mendelle || BBC Scotland
Growing up Green || TV Documentary || dir: Maria Craig || prod: Neil Webster || BBC Scotland
Honey Bunny Duracell || Short Documentary || dir: Alcalde Dolakova || prod: Olga Sochorová || FAMU
Best Cinematography student by the Czech Society of Cinematographers
Persephone || Short || dir: Dora Šustić || prod: Anna Veselá || FAMU
Best cinematography student European Awards
Best cinematography student New York Awards
Best student short Moscow shorts