Gözde Koyuncu

A UK based cinematographer, who has a diverse educational background of Film Studies, Visual Communication Design and Cinematography, Gözde was a lecturer at Istanbul Bilgi University, Film Studies Department between 2013-2019. Now with over ten years of experience in the camera department, she has become one of the first female cinematographers in the Turkish film industry. Gözde has worked on numerous film and TV projects, the latest being a Netflix Original TV drama.

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Who Were We Running From? || TV Drama || dir: Umut Aral- Gökçen Usta || prod: İlhan Şahin || Netflix
Seven Bıçakcı Commercial/ Felis MediaCat Awards / Best Cinematography
The Witch Trilogy 13+ || Short || dir: Ceylan Özgün Özçelik || prod: Armağan Lale || Sitges Film Festival
The Witch Trilogy 13+/ Siyad awards/ Best Fiction Film
The Witch Trilogy 15+ || Feature Documentary || dir: Ceylan Özgün Özçelik || prod: Armağan Lale || Istanbul Film Festival
Mihri || Feature Documentary || dir: Berna Gençalp || prod: Yonca Ertürk || Festivals

Mega Move (2nd Unit DOP) || TV Documentary || National Geographic TV

Drama Showreel 2021