Chloé Deleplace

Chloé is a French-American cinematographer currently based in London, working between France and the UK. Born in Harvey, IL and raised in France and Vietnam, Chloé graduated from Illinois State University with a BA in International Business. In 2014, she moved to London and obtained her MA in Filmmaking from the London Film School with an emphasis on cinematography. Chloé’s work on “Some Girls” (2017) was nominated for Best Cinematography at the BAFTA-qualifying Underwire Film Festival.

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BRAUN “Silk-Épil 9 Flex” || Commercial || dir: Kristin Vicari || prod: Vicki Pettifer, Town Productions
Tales of the Baron || Feature || dir: Joachim Rossel || prod: The Mouse & The Bad
Nominated – Best Cinematographer, European Cinematography Awards, 2018
Winner – Gold Lion Award, Barcelona International Film Festival, 2019
Official Selection – Lift-Off Sydney, 2018
Ada || Short || dir: Quentin Servet || prod: ZEMLYA
Official Selection – BARCIFF, 2020
Balance with Miles Langford || Short || dir: Cait Lyn Adamson || prod: Kodak, Cinelab, Illuminatrix Rising

Some Girls || Short || dir: Cait Lyn Adamson || prod: Laura Seward, LFS

Official Competition – “It Takes a Muscle”, London Short Film Festival, 2019
Nominated – Best Cinematographer, Underwire Festival, 2018
Nominated – Secciòn Panorama, FICBUEU, 2018

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