Simona Pranulyte

Simona is a London based Cinematographer originally from Lithuania. After graduating from Westminster Film School she joined the industry first in the lighting department and now works as a Cinematographer. Working as a Gaffer helped her gain knowledge and experience in mastering lighting, which forms the foundation of her work. Simona loves working closely with directors in creating rich imagery that complements their vision.

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GLAMOUR | Women of The Year Awards 2021: The Gamechangers || Commercial || dir: Hannah Berry George || prod: Prudence Beecroft || Odelay Films
Birthright || Art Film || dir: Jade O’Belle || prod: Becs Rainey & Sohaila Ferrier || Girls In Film
Let’s Eat Grandma – Watching You Go || Music Promo || dir: Justin Chen || prod: Elva Zhu || Lowkey Films
Nilufer Yanya – Like I Say || Music Promo || dir: Molly Daniel || prod: Jamie Glydon & Eloise Skeet || Amelia Studios

Smooth Ride || Short || dir: Helena Westerman & Finella Waddilove || prod: Helena Westerman & Finella Waddilove || Westilove Productions

Simona Pranulyte - Showreel 2023